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home based packing jobs in mumbai without investment

home based packing jobs in mumbai without investment I will discuss it in this article. Everyone wants his work to be done at home and earn some money. Today I will talk about a work that you can do sitting at home. Friends who are looking for Jobs Work From Home, they have come to the right place.

Friends, before starting this article, let me tell you something about myself, my name is Shahid Afridi and I am the owner of this website. I will post various job related information to you daily on this website.

So let’s start without exaggeration


home based packing jobs in mumbai without investment

The job that I will tell you about is that you can do this work sitting at home and this work is very straightforward and easy. Judging by your title, you already understand that the job is all about home packing chores.

yeah al that sounds so crap to me it seems bt isn’t even for me.

Let me tell you that this package is a soap packing job. What happens in this job is that the soap company will send you some soap and packets to your home, you have to pack the soap well and return it to the company, in return for which the company will give you some money. In addition to the procedures that I will tell you, you can learn of many packing jobs that you can do at home. This work is very easy, you can do it sitting at home.

I will give you complete information about how to get this job. If you want to do this job and want to earn some money then you can apply for this job.

home based packing jobs in mumbai without investment


Which documents do you need?

To do this, friends will probably need two copies of your passport photo and one photo of your Aadhar card.

No eligibility is required to perform these tasks. There will be no record of any additional certificate.


how to apply for job

You may have applied for these jobs in different places, but from the website that I will tell you, you can easily find packing jobs at your location. And most of you will see on the website that more than 10000 will agree to pay salary. That is, if you want, you can earn 10 to 20 thousand full time or part time jobs from here.

To apply for a job, you can search for Quikr jobs in any of your browsers. Now you can feel that these jobs are to be taken from Quicker. When you search for Quicker Job, first of all open the website that will come.

After opening the website, you can make your location Navi Mumbai Sylhet.

Brother, many jobs will appear in front of you who are doing packing jobs, so let’s know how to apply for the job.


how to apply?

home based packing jobs in mumbai without investment,It is very easy to put on the lever. You will notice that on the bottom right of the job pole there will be a button saying NO. Click there. Now a form type application will open in front of you. After calling you your name, mobile number and email address location you will see the submit application button on the right side. Click there and submit the application.

Now you go to the next page, the next page will ask you how much salary you want. And after scrolling down a bit you will see there you would like to know about your language after selecting your language your aadhar card or passport will go to one of the verification group then you would like to know whether you have done ITI diploma or not Click on Nike and when everything is flipped you submit.


When will the work start..

After you submit your application, the application will be forwarded to the company that published the work in Quicker.com. They will contact you on your payment number and gmail account after verifying your application and they will ask you everything and after your interview they will send you parcel and you have to pack them and send them back.


At the end

Today I have given you information about home based packing jobs in mumbai without investment. If you face any problem while applying in the country, you can definitely contact me. You can comment below. I will reply to your comment as soon as possible. You can visit this website for the second time to get the post or information related to this kind of job. Here you will get all the information related to the job.

Shahid Afridihttps://basuinvest.in
Hi, I am Shahid Afridi.seo content writer expert.if any problems about my article related contact me instagram @afriditechdotcom Thank You

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